Kuwi's Creative Colouring Book Reviews

One of my fave reviewers from the KIWIreviews website (Melissaandchloe).

This is Melissa's clever Miss 3 colouring in Kuwi's Creative Colouring Book and building the burrow from Kuwi's First Egg.

I was so stoked to see a 10/10 out of the 9 reviews for the colouring book. Thanks so much all of you amazing reviewers, and thanks KIWIreviews!

Here's a snippet from Melissa's review:

"Throughout the colouring book there are lot's of fun facts about Kiwi's and Miss 3 has loved learning about these and sharing her new found knowledge at daycare with her teacher's and friends, she has become quite a Kiwi expert thanks to this colouring book and will often get me to read her her colouring book as her bedtime story."
– Melissa

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