Kuwi Loves Christmas & Reading...


This chocolate free DIY idea encourages children to read every day and have fun doing it! It is easy to make and can be a fun activity for the whole family. Let the kids pick which books to wrap up and watch as they anticipate Christmas and maybe a favourite/new book. The great thing about this advent book calendar is that you can wrap up books from home, the library or op shop without having to buy 25 new books. And, if you're feeling extra creative; use newspaper, pre-used wrapping paper, brown paper or get the kids to make their own gift paper. You could display the stack on the mantel or hang from string with pegs.

Watch the fun unravel each day. Get the kids cosy in bed, have them snuggle up on the couch or sit under the Christmas tree and GET READING!

Re-use these tags year after year and watch as the challenging books become easier to read over time.